Galileo Systems is a builder and integrator of technology solutions for organizations that require clear and timely information to support both your strategic directions and tactical adjustments. We partner with you to add value to your stakeholders.

Our Background

Galileo Systems was formally registered as a business entity in January 2018.

Even with the relatively new registration, our founder has been in the systems development industry since 1989. Started with systems for various export oriented factories in the Philippines to building systems for multinational companies like Inventory systems for transport industries, life insurance industry, hospital management systems, real-estate, hotel management, tourism sector, and e-commerce systems.

We have the combination of business training and tech experience to enable us to relate with the challenges of the business community.

Our Values


We value integrity above all, integrity of information we seek and provide. We focus our efforts to achieve quantifiable and empirical data to enable our clients base important decisions on reliable data.

Quantifiable Quality

We quantify quality. We define it using universal language that we can all measure – in numbers. Defining quality in a quantifiable way eliminates ambiguity that can turn to high cost of ownership later on. By quantifying quality, we have a clear measuring stick of what standards to follow.

Candor in Communication

Communication is still a challenge in any organization. In spite of that, we value candor in communication — an open and honest exchange of information in order to reduce misconceptions, ambiguity and misunderstanding. Candor is sometimes difficult but we would rather be clear about it earlier than later because it will save both of us valuable time. We don’t always take your business if it’s not in your best interest, if there are better solutions from other providers, we’d be happy to recommend them.

Continuous Improvement

We believe in continuously learning new ways to improve things. Everyday. Technology is evolving faster than what we can possibly consume. In spite of that, we try to be in step with technology through continuous research – being aware of new developments and actually experience it to have validated results in our hands which we can pass on to our clients.

Industries we serve


Insurance Industry

Food transportation and delivery systems

Healthcare Industry



Automotive Servicing

Education sector

Public Sector