Mavida Place is a real estate advertising and marketing website for the Philippines. It allows potential home owners to preview, inspect, inquire about properties that might interest them all in the comfort of their own place anywhere they have internet access. The aim of the website is to help the property buyer obtain clear information before spending time and money going to site visits and before even talking to real estate salespeople. It saves them time and provides them better breadth of choices that fit their budget, location preferences, and other criteria. The website is searchable based on desired location, budget, type of property (house/condo/lot).

What is your unique advantage as a real estate seller?

Mavida Place helps the property sellers — brokers, agents, and individual sellers a means of serving their clients by giving them a place to showcase the properties that they are selling.

Advertising properties at is currently free of charge.

We also provide premium(paid) online advertising services to expand visibility to potential buyers on online platforms like Google, Facebook, Youtube, and other internet websites.

Mavida Place provides a convenient virtual meeting place for property buyers and sellers, right at your fingertips at the comfort of your homes. is a Batanes travel guide website to assist tourists planning to visit Batanes. It aims to help them by giving travel guides and tips to help them find accommodation, tours, transportation arrangements and in general – to assist them in their travel to Batanes.

This service also helps all tourism services in Batanes like hotel operators, homestay owners, tour operators, transportation providers, tour guides by promoting their services on this website.

It is a convenient platform for tourists to find a one-stop-site for their travel needs to Batanes.

MAVIDaLugar also provides reservation, booking and online payment platform where guests can directly book their accommodations. is also called and

What is your unique advantage?

The advantage to tourists? We don’t charge extra fees unlike international booking sites.

The advantage to tourism services industry? We charge lower commission fees to tour providers than what international booking services charge and we don’t require advance payment. You may compare as you wish.

Configurable for Other Provinces is a website that can be configured to work for other tourism destinations in the Philippines for those who want to operate their own platform specific to their province. It can have its own domain name and platform. (Please contact us if you are interested to operate this system for your location)